The Bible tells us to go and do. Not to read and sit. Our mission's group meetings, it seemed, had become a little dry. It's hard to TALK about missions and not DO missions. Disciplining the kids through Sunday Discipleship Training, teaching the Bible through Sunday School, listening to the Word being preached is, of course, of utmost importance, but showing them how to live it is just as crucial.

Learning to do random acts of kindness for people they do not know, but also to do things for those here in our church has turned around our mission's group. They are excited about coming.

It has come so far that our boys decided they wanted to be a part and call themselves the "Macteens" (Men of Acteens). They meet along with us and do the same things we do. They even have their own t-shirt!

For fun, the kids would have no idea what they were doing or where they were going. The mission projects would all be assembled in a large bag with instructions on the outside. We would divide all the kids up (usually into 6 groups of 7-8) and give them their mission bag. On the inside of the bag were all the materials needed and instructions on what their mission was, if they chose to accept it! They could not open the bag until they were in their car. When the kids completed their missions, we would meet back at the church and talk about what they had witnessed, accomplished and experienced.

We first were asking for help with driving the kids around for their mission. Soon, we found that parents were asking us if they could be a part!

This is a conglomeration of all the things we completed in a year. Some things were found on the internet, books and people, while others were just God given on the spur of the moment.

I sincerely hope the following ideas will help your children, youth, adults and senior adults become a little more excited about missions.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

I pray that this will take your breath away when you see your kids "get it".

Lisa Foley

Highlights of 30 Minute Missions
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  • Prepares young people for a lifetime of service!
  • Simple and easy to use with a list of needed items prior to the mission project.
  • Scripture is ready for you to print out to use with your mission project. Only takes minutes!
  • Good for young and old! Senior adult groups have completed many of the missions.
  • Instills a lifestyle of doing for others.

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